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A gamelan is an instrument made up of  instruments. It plays the classical music of Bali and Java, Indonesia. But that’s not important. What is important is that a gamelan makes incredible music. Advertisements

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Why would you care what I think?

This blog is about music, something I’ve been thinking about for fifty years. I’m reluctant to include anything else here as I hate a bate and switch. But the urge to blog about drivel must be some primal thing that … Continue reading

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Time Out

Time Out is the title of a famous record* from 1959 by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. It took that name because three or four of the cuts**  played with  musical time. I’m using it as the title for this post … Continue reading

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Here comes the hook

In pop music, the ‘hook’ is the part of the song that grabs the listener (at least in theory). Not all songs have them. A few have more than one. Talking about the hook in the Beatles’ Here Comes the … Continue reading

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The beat gets odd

The Beatles did the coolest things with rhythm and I’ve always wanted to write about them. Now I have an excuse. The hooks (as far as I’m concerned) of two of their songs come from the ways they break up … Continue reading

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Learning to hear – Mozart 40 & Beethoven 7

I was exposed to classical music as a teenager through the records my father got from a record club (like a book club only round). Something, maybe puberty, pushed me towards the fire of Brahms Symphonies, the romantic grandiosity of … Continue reading

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John Adams’s Concerto for Violin

John Adams got minimalism from Steve Reich. His Shaker Loops, for example, is très minimal — energetic, accessible, repetitive. I like that stuff, and Loops is a great example of the form. Sometimes I think Steve Reich does minimalism better, … Continue reading

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