Aldo Clementi – my new favorite

During the last two or three weeks I’ve submerged myself in the music of Morton Feldman, music so simple and sere that I found it hard to listen to anything else. Old MacDonald was too melodically complex, forget Mozart.

Then I stopped by one of my favorite blogs–Tim Rutherford-Johnson’s The Rambler (linked in my blog list to the right, but until now, with a bad URL – sorry). There I read, “It really feels like we’re coming to the end, Aldo Clementi, the last of that extraordinary generation of post-war Italian composers . . . has died at the age of 86.” I’m embarrassed to say, I’d never heard of him.

On the other hand, an embedded YouTube video on that page introduced me to Clementi’s music, and showed me my first step away from Feldman (whom I’ll never stop worshiping.) I’m sorry Clementi had to die for me to hear about him. I hate ironies like that. But that won’t stop me from celebrating my introduction to his wonderful music.

Here’s the embedded video that grabbed my attention:

And here’s a piece that reminds me a bit of Morton Feldman:

There’s a lot more of his stuff available on You Tube. And there are some great CDs.

Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.


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I'm sixty-six years old. I've been listening attentively to music since I was a teen. I've learned a lot from record jackets, jewel cases, and even some actual formal classes. I have cocked my ears for new music for at least forty year and amassed a library of Western, Indian, and Javanese classical music, folk, world and jazz. (Not much rock, not pop in general, but not because I don't love that music too.) I formed a compulsion to share some of this in the spirit of 'gee whiz, isn't this music amazingly great?' Thus this blog. I tweet as @ravishdears
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2 Responses to Aldo Clementi – my new favorite

  1. Aniko says:

    It takes some getting used to, but I’m working on it. :)

    (That thing with hearing about people for the first time when they die happens to me all the time.)

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