about this blog

Over on the right you can see a whole bunch of stuff about me and why I’m blogging. It’s all true.

This page is about this blog’s layout.

Up above you, in the black band under that great picture of sunset over Arches National Park that I took in September ’09, you got your Home page tab. That’s where the posts appear in the order they were posted – from most recent to, um, least recent. At some point these get dumped into archives. I don’t really know about that yet.

Then you got your about this blog tab. That’s this.

Then you got your what I love tab. That’s for music that I’m crazy about and want to share in the hopes that you’ll like it too, at least a little bit.

Then you got your pulleys + levers tab. To me (and I’m the only one that counts in this regard) “pulleys + levers” comprises the stuff that’s about how music works. On the page I describe it as “things I’ve noticed about pieces that helped me understand the underlying structure of music (which just makes me love it more).” A little pretentious, but what can you do?

Then you got your classical tab. That’s pretty straightforward. It means posts about classical music (“classical” with a small ‘c.’ The other classical, “Classical” with a capital ‘C,’ refers to music of the Classical Period, from about 1750 to 1820. A few of its better-known composers are: Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There is no tab for Classical music.)

Then you got your rock to world tab. That’s for everything besides Western classical – mostly rock, folk, jazz, and world (which here includes the classical music of other cultures — Indonesian for example).

Then you got your why should you care tab. Basically, you shouldn’t.

There is a great deal of overlap within the what I love, pulleys + levers, classical, and rock to world tabs. Something I love might also be rock, or jazz or world. If not, it’s likely to be classical, so it appears in two tabs. When I write about how a piece works, it’s likely to be classical or jazz or something else covered by the other tabs, so it’ll go into pulleys + levers and another tab. What can I say? Get over it.

Any questions? Contact me. My email is over there on the right. Or you can leave a comment. Click the tiny link that says something about comments below.

And thanks for stopping by.


One Response to about this blog

  1. Nino Cotone says:

    Original music for violin
    Melodic and virtuoso
    Check it out

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