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I live in Dorchester, MA with five housemates and a cat named Chat Cousteau. I write novels and ride a recumbent bike, among other things.

Music outside the box

Living in Boston puts me in the middle of a vibrant stew of music. The greater Boston area has more music venues, more musicians, more music schools than any place else in the world. (I made that up, but it … Continue reading

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New music thrives

A few clicks around this blog will tell you I’m nuts about new music. I’m fortunate to have a cousin, Elisabeth Halliday, in the thick of it. She introduces me to stuff I might never hear otherwise. She is a … Continue reading

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Aldo Clementi – my new favorite

During the last two or three weeks I’ve submerged myself in the music of Morton Feldman, music so simple and sere that I found it hard to listen to anything else. Old MacDonald was too melodically complex, forget Mozart. Then … Continue reading

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The Epicenter of Culture

I apologize in advance for this. It’s one of the posts you probably should skip. It has nothing to do with music and is only here because I want to say it and I have a blog so nyah, nyah, … Continue reading

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Morton Feldman – the essence

I’ve been gestating a piece about the greatest composer of the Twentieth Century for over a month. I’m still not halfway to understanding what I want to say about him. Since I have to post something to meet my commitment … Continue reading

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Tōru Takemitsu

I find it very hard to define or characterize the work of the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. I spent a long time reading descriptions of it from all over the web trying to find something that fit the music I … Continue reading

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Bach in the background

Even the newest convert to classical music  is likely to agree: Bach rules! Right now I have the Goldberg Variations on in the background. I feel a little guilty using such great music as the accompaniment to my life, but … Continue reading

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