These posts are about Western classical music. They comprise both the pulleys and levers (workings of the music) and what I love blogs in the order they were posted.

Malcolm Arnold’s Guitar Concerto
A favorite since I formed my love of classical guitar.

John Adams’s Concerto for Violin
A piece with the pulse and excitement of minimalism but un-minimalist in its continuous spilling of melodies.

Learning to hear – Mozart 40 & Beethoven 7
Two pieces of great music that helped me learn how to hear classical music.

Bach in the Background
A good way to get deeper into music is to listen closely and compare different performances. I do that here with Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

Tōru Takemitsu
This Japanese composer creates a sound world completely different from what we usually hear, but one that welcomes you in.

Morton Feldman’s music
I think he’s the greatest composer of the Twentieth Century.

Aldo Clementi
After listening to Feldman it was hard to move on. Clementi made it easier.



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