pulleys + levers

This page links to my posts about how music works — things I’ve noticed about pieces that helped me understand the underlying structure of music (which just makes me love it more).

Learning to hear – Mozart 40 + Beethoven 7
Talks about separating musical strands using examples from Mozart’s Symphony #40 and Beethoven’s Symphony #7.

The beat gets odd
Talks about time in music using the Beatles’ Hide Your Love Away as an example.

Here comes the hook
This is about one hook in the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun — the way the beat changes.

Time out
Talks about unusual meters — music that has five or seven beats to the bar, like Dave Brubeck’s hit, Time Out.

Why DO we hate modern classical music, Alex Ross?
The ultimate pulleys and levers piece, about control of what we like and what we hate. Here I take a stab at answering the title question posed by Alex Ross.

Rich Complex and Beautiful — Lamma Bada
This is about a wonderful Arabic song called Lamma Bada Yatathanna and it’s complex rhythmic pattern.

Bach in the Background
A good way to get deeper into music is to listen closely and compare different performances. I do that here with Bach’s Goldberg Variations.



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