what I love

These posts are about music I love (and why I love it). It’s the stuff I want to share.

Malcolm Arnold’s Guitar Concerto
A favorite since I formed my love of classical guitar.

John Adams’s Concerto for Violin
A piece with the pulse and excitement of minimalism but un-minimalist in its continuous spilling of melodies.

I’ve loved this music of Java and Bali for years and have been dying to share it.

Rich, complex, and beautiful — Lamma Bada
I fell in love with this ancient Arabic song many years ago.

Tōru Takemitsu
This Japanese composer creates a sound world completely different from what we usually hear, but one that welcomes you in.

Morton Feldman’s music
I think he’s the greatest Twentieth Century composer.

Aldo Clementi
He’s my new favorite, after Morton Feldman at least, whom I still adore the most.


2 Responses to what I love

  1. lauramartha says:

    Only 6 other people besides me are following this blog???!!! That’s ridiculous in so many ways. I love your style, your range of topics, and your wit!

    • ravishd says:

      Laura! Thanks for the props. Maybe it’s because I haven’t posted in a ridiculous amount of time. (Or maybe that’s why I haven’t posted!) Welcome, in any case.

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