why should you care?

This blog is about music, something I’ve been thinking about for fifty years. I’m reluctant to include anything else here as I hate a bait and switch. But the urge to blog about drivel must be some primal thing that even I can’t resist. At least I have the good taste to sequester the links to these posts here in this backwater of a page. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The first of these posts reiterates the warning above. (It’s not just drivel, it’s repetitive drivel!) But it’s about a good thing:
Philip Roth’s American Pastoral.

The next non-musical waste of this blog’s space is about cars and buses. Don’t read it. It’s at:
The unlikeliness of buses

I get all high and mighty about misuse of the word epicenter at:
The epicenter of culture.


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